I interviewed George Blake at his dacha outside Moscow in May 2012. As promised in the book, I'm putting the transcript online here.

The text is in Dutch because that is the language in which we conducted the interview. The page numbers are the same as in the notes to the Happy Traitor - so if a note reads "GB13", that refers to page 13 of this transcript. I'm sorry that the transcript is in Dutch - the language in which I interviewed Blake. I know it isn't user-friendly, but this page is intended chiefly for academic researchers, and I'm afraid I didn't want to translate 15,000 words into English. If you don't speak Dutch, please feed the relevant page into Google Translate. 

Use this link to read the transcript: docs.google.com/document/d/1OgsxCv8-qn4J4oV1dfU2Wc_dZmwFl4vE8qaFv-yz_eo/edit